The time is the 1950s, the place is Berlin
Voices Under Berlin
Herzo Base (The 16th USASA Field Station)

Even though Voices Under Berlin is set in Berlin, veterans of Herzo Base should also feel themselves right at home. The author did a tour at Herzo Base. He was one of the last ones to leave when the mission moved to Field Station Augsburg. A number of the things described in the novel actually took place at Herzo Base.

Visit The Herzo Survivor Website.

Herzo Base Lightning Sword Flash

The shoulder patch for US Army Europe (USAREUR) has been modified to create a specifically ASA shoulder patch with a Herzo Base tab. The flaming sword of the USAEUR patch has been replaced by a flaming lightning sword to symbolize ASA's SIGINT role. A lightning bolt is typically used in the insignia of ASA/INSCOM units. You can see this in the insignia for ASA (patch and DUI), Field Station Berlin, Field Station Rothwesten and INSCOM below:

ASA Lightning Bolts

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Herzo Base (16th USASA Field Station) Front Gate

The 16 USASA Field Station at Herzo Base

Herzo Base Front Gate 318th Battalion

The 318th ASA Battalion at Herzo Base

The Herzo Base Front Gate

The motto for the 16th ASA Field Station was "Strength through Knowledge",
The motto for the 319th ASA Battalion was "Loyalty, Vigilance, Pride",
The Latin motto of ASA was "Semper Vigilis" (English: Vigilant Always).

design by T.H.E. Hill

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The 318th ASA Battalion at Herzo Base website hosted by Ray Komoski is also worth a visit.

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